Cholesterol Checks: How Often Should You Screen?

Cholesterol screening guide - Dr. Biprajit Parbat - HEARTVEDA

Knowing the optimal timing for cholesterol screening is vital for your health. If you’ve ever wondered “How often cholesterol screening?” should take place, you’re asking an important question. Unchecked, high cholesterol is an invisible threat that can lead to severe health issues such as heart disease or stroke. Adolescents and adults alike are susceptible to […]

Cholesterol Content in Fish: A Detailed Guide

Cholesterol content in fish - Dr. Biprajit Parbat - HEARTVEDA

You may have heard about the importance of watching your diet to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. While **cholesterol levels in various fish types** do exist, it’s essential to note that fish can also be an excellent food choice to manage these levels effectively. Fish are not just about their cholesterol content; they also bring some […]

Can Cholesterol Plaque Disappear? Your Health Guide

Will cholesterol plaque go away

The silent buildup of cholesterol plaque within the tapestry of your arteries is a silent threat to your cardiovascular health. You might have heard the alarming statistics: in the United States, heart disease rises to the forefront, claiming around 650,000 lives yearly. The question you may ask is – can the stealthy advancement of this […]

Can Heart Attack Symptoms Come and Go? Find Out Now

Will heart attack symptoms come and go? - Dr.Biprajit Parbat - HEARTVEDA

Have you ever wondered if heart attack symptoms on and off are a sign of an actual heart problem? The reality is, the behavior of heart attack symptoms can be surprisingly unpredictable. You might think that they strike with unrelenting force and clarity, but sometimes, they present as fluctuating heart attack symptoms that confuse even […]

Will Cholesterol Kill You? Uncover the Truth

Cholesterol can harm your heart - Dr. Biprajit Parbat - HEARTVEDA

When it comes to understanding cholesterol and its dangers, there’s a lot that might surprise you. Cholesterol, the often-vilified substance flowing through your veins, is essential for life – integral to building cell membranes and producing certain hormones. However, its notoriety isn’t unwarranted; the health consequences of elevated cholesterol can be deadly. With conditions like […]

Discoverer of Cholesterol Unveiled – Learn Now!

Cholesterol discovery - Dr. Biprajit Parbat -HEARTVEDA

Have you ever wondered about the origin of cholesterol and how its discovery has shaped current medical understandings? You might find it surprising that the quest to understand this vital substance is relatively recent. The puzzle began to unfold in the hands of German chemist Adolf Windaus, the discoverer of cholesterol, who in 1910 identified […]

Understanding Cholesterol Deposits in Arteries

Why cholesterol deposits in arteries - Dr. Biprajit Parbat -HEARTVEDA

Have you ever wondered why cholesterol deposits in arteries, leading to health concerns that can impact your well-being? It’s essential to dive into the causes of cholesterol plaque buildup to get a clear picture. A leading health issue, particularly in the realm of heart disease, is the formation of cholesterol plaques in our body’s vital […]

Understanding Heart Attack Risks Post-COVID Era

Why heart attack after covid - Dr.Biprajit Parbat - HEARTVEDA

As the world continues to navigate through the post-COVID era, a spotlight has been turned onto the lasting impacts that the virus can have on your heart health. The invisible battle may continue long after the acute symptoms subside, and it’s essential to be conscious of potential cardiovascular complications after COVID. Research highlights the need […]

Winter Health Alert: Why Heart Attacks Spike

Why more heart attacks happen in winter - Dr. Biprajit Parbat - HEARTVEDA

As the winter months approach, your heart unwittingly enters a season of increased strain and heightened risk—making it crucial for you to pay extra attention to cardiovascular health in winter. Health professionals have raised concerns about the notable escalation in winter heart attack risk, attributed primarily to the cold weather and heart attacks correlation. The […]

Daily Cholesterol Intake for Women Explained

Daily cholesterol intake for women - Dr. Biprajit Parbat - HEARTVEDA

Understanding the intricacies of optimal cholesterol intake for females is a pivotal component of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Your body cleverly synthesizes the cholesterol it needs, which has led to a shift in nutritional guidelines from strictly limiting cholesterol to focusing more on cutting down saturated fats, trans fats, and added sugars. With the longstanding […]