Want to prevent a HEART ATTACK in your 30s, 40s & 50s..

Learn How to Reverse Metabolic Stress i.e. cholesterol issues, obesity & type 2 diabetes using the "HeartVeda Longevity Biohacking Framework".

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Are you silently battling cholesterol, obesity, or type 2 diabetes? Discover how to reverse metabolic stress by modifying your lifestyle—without relying on lifelong medicines.

Unlock the Secrets to Reversing Metabolic Stress and Achieving Peak Performance Health….

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Who Am I and Why I Built This?

In 2014, amidst the demanding corridors of a top cardiology institute, I, Dr. Biprajit Parbat (Consultant Metabolic Stress Reversal and Preventive Lifestyle Medicine, faced an ironic twist. With over six years of treating patients, I was now silently battling cholesterol issues, borderline diabetes, and the haunting fear of a heart attack. The very conditions I diagnosed in others were now my own adversaries.

This personal crisis led me to the world of epigenetics, where lifestyle choices could switch genes on and off. Inspired by groundbreaking works like "Epigenetics" and "Longevity", I embarked on a transformative journey. Within six months, I didn't just reverse my metabolic stress; I discovered a blueprint for holistic health.

This revelation was too profound to keep to myself. Thus, Heartveda was born. More than a platform, it's my beacon to guide countless professionals back to health, using the power of longevity biohacking. Through Heartveda, I share my journey of learning and experience to help busy professionals in their 30s, 40s & 50s to prevent heart attacks by reversing metabolic stress such as cholesterol, obesity & type 2 diabetes by implementing longevity biohacking framework

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Our Results Speak of themselves .....

Total Cholesterol Reduced By
Body Fat% Reduced By More Than
Diabetes Medication Reduced By More Than
Stopped Cholesterol Medicines Completely

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This masterclass is more than just information; it’s a transformational experience. Whether you’re looking to enhance your physical performance, mental clarity, or both, this is the masterclass for you.

The Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos Fitness Secret

Ever wondered how super-busy entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos maintain their health amidst their hectic schedules? Success does not have to come with the burden of metabolic stress and a list of monthly medications.

Why This Masterclass Isn't Just Another Health Seminar ......

  • Wisdom Through Experience: Dr. Biprajit Parbat, a vanguard in preventive cardiology & diabetology with over 16 years of expertise, unveils his personal odyssey from metabolic stress to vibrant health.
  • The Health Mantras of Industry Titans: Unravel the enigma of how icons like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos sustain peak health amidst their whirlwind lives. Success and health are not mutually exclusive.

  • Epigenetics Demystified: Plunge into the fascinating science of epigenetics, where your daily choices wield the power to switch your genes on and off, sculpting your health and destiny.

  • Blueprint for Action: Move beyond theories into tangible, actionable strategies. Receive a comprehensive blueprint to dismantle metabolic stress from your life.

A Transformational Odyssey Awaits

This masterclass transcends mere information; it’s an alchemical experience. Whether you’re seeking to amplify your physical prowess, crystallize your mental acuity, or both, this masterclass is your crucible.

A Journey Towards Health....

Root Cause Analysis

By analyzing the root cause of lifestyle diseases – the disease reversal process is accelerated – as Metabolic Stress such as cholesterol, obesity & type 2 diabetes is rooted in our lifestyle.

Healthy Gut Microbiome

Healthy gut microbiome – reduces bodily inflammation and thus metabolic stress such as cholesterol issues, obesity & type 2 diabetes.

Optimized Hormonal Rhythm

With a daily routine optimized for hormonal rhythm, the body repairs itself with more efficiency –  the metabolic stress gets reversed.

Stress Transmution

By channelizing stress energy for the energy of performance & focus – chronic stress becomes obsolete and natural reversal of lifestyle diseases becomes possible.

Rewiring Brain

Rewiring the brain for new healthy habits makes the metabolic stress reversal lifelong.

Insights Awaiting You....

  • The Metabolic Stress Conundrum: Grasp the profound impact of metabolic stress, a nemesis that assaults both body and mind, and learn to counter it.

  • Five Revelations to Metabolic Mastery: Shatter the myths of lifelong medication and discover the supremacy of neuroscience over conventional fitness wisdom. These revelations will revolutionize your health paradigm.

  • The Art of Longevity Bio-Hacking: Embrace a validated protocol that not only reverses metabolic stress but also fortifies you against heart attacks, all within a mere 90 days.

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